11th May 2016

DofE Expeditions

Over the bank holiday weekend, 19 cadets took part in DofE expeditions – there was an assessed silver expedition, practise silver expedition and two bronze practise expeditions (I took part in a bronze practise expedition). I arrived at the squadron for an early start at 7am on Sunday with the other cadets doing their bronze; after a quick look at the maps, we piled into the bus to travel to our start points, which were different for each group, and started our expedition at about 9am. The first day finished, after a few wrong turns, at about 4:30 at a scout camp near Small Dole, where we met up with staff and the assessed silver group. Whilst we set up our tents and started cooking dinner, the other groups began to join us and do the same; after dinner and a quick game of Frisbee, people began heading off to bed for an early night. Waking up about 7am, my group aimed to leave camp at 8:30 but took longer than expected, leaving at 9:15. Taking just over 6 hours to complete our second day, my group arrived at our finish point at 3:30. After a 2 hour wait for the bus, we headed back to the squadron where we quickly hung out the damp tents and went home to bed!
Cdt Griffiths A

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