6th April 2016

Nijmegen Training Weekends

Over the past few months I have been attending training weekends for the 100mile Nijmegen march which will be held in Holland this July.

I have been marching and training with other cadets from various squadrons in Surrey Wing. We have to march 50 kilometres on each weekend; 40K on Saturday and 10K on Sunday. These training weekends ensure that we have both the physical strength and mental determination to complete the Nijmegen march.

These weekends have been difficult at the start, as not only are you are up very early but if you are not used to this amount of marching it can be very exhausting and you ache for the next few days. However, with the right training, the walks have become easier as I complete each one and build up my strength and stamina. I have been lucky as unlike many other cadets, I have not suffered from any blisters or injuries.

There were approximately 100 cadets who started on the first training weekend.  That number has now reduced to about 50 cadets. As the staff training team have seen my potential over the past four training weekends, I have been selected to go on the RAF 2-day team which is a 50-mile march over the course of 2 days which takes place in Cosford.

Completing the RAF 2-day march is an achievement in itself and I will receive a medal once I have completed this. These training weekends have shown me what I am capable of both physically and mentally which I have really enjoyed.

I am really pleased that I chose to do this training for the experience it has given me and I have enjoyed meeting, supporting and training with cadets from other squadrons. I would like to progress as far as can with this. My Grandad who was in the Royal Marines for 24 years also completed the Nijmegen march in 1955 and I would love to show him my medal – if awarded!

Cadet Reed, D

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