6th April 2016

Inter-Wing Netball Competition

On 3rd April 2016 Cdt Griffiths T and I competed in the inter-wing netball competition. The day began in the morning when we arrived at Surrey Sports Park, met up with the rest of the team – which included 7 other players from squadrons across Surrey wing – and went to get changed into the wing kit. We played our first match against London Wing (which we won!) and then went on to win against Kent, Essex and Middlesex wings. Also, we played Sussex wing but unfortunately we drew instead of winning. The competition winners were worked out on goal difference meaning that Surrey wing won! After the competition finished there were LaSER trials which both Cdt Griffiths T and I were selected to take part in; sadly Cdt Griffiths T didn’t make the team but I did and am really looking forward to travelling to RAF Cranwell later this month to compete in the inter-region netball competition. After the trials, we changed back into our Wedgewood Blues and headed out to final parade where we met up with the senior boys who had played in the rugby competition (Cdt Luff competed in this and Surrey wing won – again!). I really enjoyed the day and met lots of new people; additionally, it was the first time in 9+ years that Surrey wing has won the junior netball.


Cdt Griffiths A


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