3rd April 2016

Surrey Half Marathon

On the 13th March 2016 we ran a water stand for the Surrey Half Marathon. We turned up to the squadron and drove to our station. We arrived bright and early to set up our stand. We got given t-shirts and we set up our tables with bottles of water. We had to spend a lot of the time pulling off the caps of the bottles. It was great to see the runners going past and we were able to cheer them on as they ran past. We had people standing next to the road handing out bottles, so that they didn’t have to stop running to get water. It got really busy at some points, so we had people running to get more bottles. We had great fun encouraging the runners as they ran past even calling their names if they had them on their shirts. We really enjoyed watching people that we knew from Air Cadets run past including FS Wagstaff, CI Holroyd and CI Riches. We finished off a successful day by doing a FOD plod of our station, so that there were no bottles or rubbish left behind. Overall it was a really fun and successful day with loads of cadets taking part.

Cdt Heenan G


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