24th March 2014

Household Cavalry Visit

Saturday March 15th saw 3 NCO’s and 7 cadets visit the Household Cavalry Museum and the Hyde Park Barracks in London.

We began the day by seeing the Horseguards in action. All the guards and their horses were ready for morning inspection, neatly dressed with immaculately polished boots and spotless uniform. The horses coats shone and the tack was gleaming. We then watched as they were inspected. The best 4 men would get to stay on horseback all day and the others would be on foot.

After the inspection we were given an exclusive tour around the farriers and stables. In the farriers we saw all the different types of horse shoes that were made and learnt what ones are worn when. Next, we saw all the men hard at work mucking out the horses and preparing the horses feeds. We were then shown the shire horses that carry the drums. The shire horses are not allowed to have their manes or tails cut unless the groom has permission from the queen!

After our tour we set off to the Household Cavalry Museum. Here we watched the switch over of the guards and listened to a talk about the responsibilities involved with being a Horseguard. It’s very hard work! We then looked around more stables; here we got to feed the horses some carrots ma’am had kindly brought with her. The horses were all really friendly and it was great to be able to get up close to them! We then went around the museum and learnt about the history of the Household Cavalry. There was also an opportunity to try on the Horseguards uniform which many of us did. It was great fun!

Overall the day was really good and we all had fun. Special thanks to the staff for taking us and organising it all!
By Cadet Knight

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