3rd February 2014

January Range Day

We arrived at RAF Odiham slightly late. It was a very cold and foggy day. We rushed over to the armory, picked up the weapons and headed over to the range. When we got in we wasted no time. We put all the targets up and got the brief. We were then allowed to shoot 5 rounds to warm up and centre our targets. After this we started our Wing/Region marksman shoots. Everyone improved as the day progressed. With Fuller, Branch and Cpl Taylor E getting a Wing marksman. Cpl Taylor D then got a Region Marksman alongside Cpl Taylor E. I however did not get a marksman but all of us had fun which is what matters the most. We got to shoot in different positions which was very fun and sometimes a bit challenging. We then cleared up the range and the weapons. We then left for the armory, when we got there we cleared the weapons and gave them in. But it couldn’t have been possible without the staff running the day, so a special thanks to them.

Cdt Bhandari

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